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If you are going to use Pinterest as part of your marketing, then you need to know what is going on and Tailwind is a great way of seeing that. Although Pinterest has its own analytics features, Tailwind provides a  much more in-depth look at your Pinterest account. For a newbie blogger, these can be overwhelming and often people aren’t quite sure what they are looking at.

All of the sections I am talking about today can be found through the side navigation menu.

Monitor Your Domain

This dashboard shows the average number of pins pinned from your domain as well as day by day statistics. This will include the pins you pinned but is a good number to keep an eye on to see if the visitors to your blog are pinning as well. (Please note in the picture below I have not done my manual pinning for the day, nor have my scheduled posts gone out! It is very early in the morning!)

Moving over to Organic Activity, you can see the latest pins from your domain. Some pins will say ‘Pinned via martech’ – this is short for ‘Marketing Technology’ and is what Tailwind uses to send out your pins – so those pins are yours. If you don’t yet have a Tailwind account -even the basic free account provides analytics, you can also get this information from I always think it is interesting to see these and see what is resonating with people. Often it isn’t what you would expect!

The last bit to look at in this section is the Referral Traffic. This is the number of people Tailwind registers as having clicked on your pins to head to your website. This is interesting but note that these are just clicks – not the number of people who have actually reached your site. They may have clicked accidentally and immediately hit the back button, or the site took too long to load so they clicked away etc. To get accurate information, use Google Analytics (‘cos you have installed it, right?) in conjunction with this section to really nail down your numbers. (Tip: If you are getting significantly more clicks than visits, look at your site speed using the google site speed tester.)

Track Your Brand Page

Profile Performance shows you individualised data about your Pinterest profile. You can see your follower growth, the number of pins, the number of repins you are getting and the number of comments on your pins.

Here is a screenshot of follower growth on one of the accounts I manage. (Don’t worry, I got their permission!) You can see the effect of certain actions – like optimizing your profile or board descriptions – has  on your organic follower count and repin numbers.

You will also see a Virality Score, which tells you how much your pins are being repinned. The more they are being repinned, the more ‘viral’ they are.
Next is an Engagement Score, which gives an indication of how well your audience is interacting with your pins – remember engagement here is defined as repins per pin per follower, so this is not an indication of traffic to your site as it includes any ‘filler’ pins you have pinned between pins to our site.
The Engagement Rate (percentage) tells you how well your pins (all pins,  not just site pins) is resonating with your audience based on the number of pins with at least one repin.

In Board Insights you can sort your boards by almost any metric you like. Up at the top, you can decide whether to include only your boards, group boards, or secret boards in the list.

Select the arrow under virality score and that will sort your boards in order from highest to lowest. Virality score is important because that is one of the ways that Pinterest measures whether your content is worth showing in the smart feed. Seasoned pins that Pinterest knows people are interested in will fare better and reach the smart feed quicker.


There are a number of ways you can increase the virality score on Pinterest such as deleting underperforming pins and hiding underperforming boards. (Want to know the performance of a board before you join?) Remember to hide and not delete boards, as deleting will drop your follower numbers.

Another way is by looping your content on a board with Boardbooster. (yes, I know this is a post about Tailwind, but *at the moment * Tailwind does not offer Looping. There are rumours it soon will though!) If the board has loads of pins then the oldest ones probably haven’t been seen in a long time. Looping the pins can give them a new lease of life.( Looping just means taking the pins at the bottom and putting them up the top)

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting experiment for you. Go to Board Insights and sort by virality. Find out your ‘best’ boards. Now go to Pin Inspector and sort by board. What I found is that pins I thought were lovely weren’t getting repinned AT ALL on any of these boards. I was on these fast, viral boards but the traffic stats just didn’t match up.  I  thought it was because the boards but in fact, my pin images just sucked. Big time. They also didn’t have a ‘hook’ in the text to draw people to click. As I have got better at designing and writing my titles I am now getting the traffic I want from those boards. (and tbh, when I look back at some of my early pins? Cringe!)


Pin inspector

The last section we need to look at is Pin Inspector. This lets you analyze the performance of specific pins. It holds your last 5000 pins and you can sort by many metrics.

Sort by board to see what works well on each board – the demographic of boards is different so this may vary wildly. Do you need to make a different image to cater to different demographics? (answer: yes! no, not one necessarily for each board, but certainly, have at least two pin images per post)

You can also sort by repin number and see which specific pins are doing well overall. What is it about them that makes them popular? The image? The text? Play around and see if you can replicate what is working for your target audience. Then create more pins like that!

You can also select which boards to search to see which pin is performing well on that board. If the group boards allow, repin that pin to capitalise on the traffic to your site.


Well, that about covers the main points of Tailwind Analytics! I hope this post has settled some of the overwhelm you may experience when you first enter the main dashboard! If you have any questions I haven’t answered, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you!


Happy Analysing!


Belinda xxx


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