How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Traffic

People are always saying to join group boards to grow your blog traffic. And I agree they are a fantastic way to get more eyes on your content.

But two of the biggest questions we hear about group boards are: “How do I find them?” and “What do I do when I get in?”

Let’s get back to basics: What is a Group Board?

A group board is just that – a board that a group of people pin to. You can identify group boards either by it being stated in the title or by a small circle in the corner of the board with multiple profile pictures.

Pinterest group boards usually have a high number of followers as each contributor brings their followers to it. This means each pin will have more views than if you just put it on your own board. If you have effective pins this will hopefully translate into more clicks through to your website.

Group boards also usually have rules that require repins for each pin you make so your repin rate should hopefully go up as well.

So, how do I find these group boards then?

There are a couple of ways, the easiest being to head over to pingroupie which is basically a Pinterest group board search engine. Enter a keyword related to your niche and then click filter. Pingroupie will then show you a list of boards that you may want to join, along with the number of people pinning to the group and the number of followers.

The list will also provide a group description. Hover over these for more information about the group board, such as instructions on how to join.

Another way of finding group board is to search the keyword on Pinterest itself,  then navigate to the ‘boards’ section. Remember group boards have a small circle with multiple profile pictures. The description on the board should hold the joining process.

finding pinterest group boards

If there is no description outlining how to join then it is likely that the creator is not currently accepting new members.


What group boards should I choose?

Make sure the board is relevant to your niche so that you can pin your pins. A board should have a larger number of followers than you do so you are getting your pins to as many eyes as possible. It should also have clear rules and how to join instructions.

Importantly, you want a fair number of pinners as you don’t want to be accused of pinning too much and spamming their boards.

Joining a Pinterest Group Board

To join a group board you must be invited by the creator. Some group boards request that you follow the creator of the board first and then message them, or provide an email for you to contact.

When you contact them, explain who you are, provide your email address so they can invite you and remember to include which board you would like an invite to as they may have many group boards.

Your invite should appear in your Pinterest inbox and all you need to do is click accept. It may take a few days for them to accept you, so be patient.

When joining group boards, make sure you read the rules or you risk being kicked off the board.

How many group boards and how often should I pin?

The more group boards you are on the better! Remember, these boards have a high number of followers so you are dramatically increasing the number of people seeing your content.

I pin as often as the group board allows. To do this with a minimum of fuss I use the ‘campaign’ feature in BoardBooster. It takes my pins from my ‘Best of YVAS‘ board and automatically repins them to each group board.

boardbooster group boards

I am currently only pinning one of my own pins to the group boards, even though I am allowed more, as I also like to pin my client’s pins to get them exposure.

This repinning task can also be achieved with Tailwind.


UPDATE: I now use Tailwind and the interval feature. I have created board lists that group the boards I am in into niche categories.

When scheduling a pin, choose the board list you wish to pin to and Tailwind will populate the list for you.

So as not to ‘spam’ the boards, choose the interval feature down at the bottom of the draft pin.

The pins will be sent out per the interval you choose – whether it be hours apart or days. You can also choose whether to use open time slots in your schedule, exact times or make new optimised timeslots. Note that if there is not an open slot for the day selected it will move the pin to the next day. For example in the picture below I have chosen an interval on one day but the third pin is going out a day later.

Creating your own Group board

If you would like to create your own group board, then all you need is a clear set of rules in the description, along with details on how to join. You can manage your group boards through BoardBooster. This is also a great way to get new followers as you can ask them to follow you as part fo the group rules – it also make inviting them easier.

boardbooster group manager

What next?

I am a huge advocate of always learning. What I outlined above is really just the tip of the iceberg. I am constantly taking courses, attending webinars and reading so that I can pass on what I learn to you all.

However, I have to give a huge shoutout to the e-book  Pinterest Ninjas – an amazing resource that helped me massively when I was first starting out. In fact, I refer back to it each time I tinker with my Pinterest Strategy! I recommend you grab your own copy as there is so much information packed in there I could never do it justice! It also includes a fabulous list of amazing group boards for you to join!

If you are looking for a resource on affiliate pinning, then head on over to House of Brazen for a step by step guide.

I hope this post has helped clarify Pinterest Group Boards for you and, as always, happy to hear feedback and answer any questions you may have.


Happy Pinning!

Belinda xx


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28 thoughts on “How to Use Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Traffic

  1. Hey,
    This was a pretty helpful guide, I was wondering if you can help me with BoardBooster group manager a bit.
    I understand here we can add our group boards from Pinterest, my question is “is it same as “tribe” of BoardBooster or different?” I mean can we have our tribe members contribute to the Pinterest group board? This is all confusing to me right now.

  2. I tried Pinterest a few times with no actual success. A few re-pins but that’s it. Hopefully, this guide will finally boost my traffic like I know Pinterest can.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. An informative article, i have pinned it for reference. I just discovered group boards this year and they are a great way to extend your reach.

  4. Just what i was loking for.Am a newish blogger and i started on my pinterest.
    Am trying to join as a many group boards as i can.Will try use Pingroupie and find more group
    Great post dear

  5. This is awesome information for using Pinterest group boards and increasing traffic to your site. Pingroupie is something I have never heard of but sounds like a great tool for any blogger or business. Thanks for sharing the information,

  6. Is there any way to understand what traffic comes to the site from specific group boards? I’d love to see just how much of an impact it has made on our Pinterest traffic.

  7. As a Pinterest user, it was really helpful reading articles like this. It helps me more familiarize with the platform. Now I’m getting use of the boards and pins and how it really works.

    1. It starts off slow, but it is said that after three months each pin has only reached half of its traffic, so be patient and I am sure you will see an increase 🙂 Use the looping feature to get your articles out there! If you need any help, please do drop me a line.

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