The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Courses

There are so many Pinterest courses available it is often hard to know which one to take and which one will bring you results. Take a look through this list and decide which is the perfect Pinterest Course for you!

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As a Pinterest Manager, this is the one course I recommend everyone takes
Jennifer’s P.I.M.P course is not for the faint of heart but has done more for my Pinterest account management than any other course out there (and I have taken many!)


Pinterest Course For Bloggers, By Bloggers

There are many Pinterest courses for bloggers, written by bloggers themselves that can help you up your Pinterest game. Being written by bloggers, you can be sure that they have the knowledge you need to take it to the next level. All of the courses below have fantastic tips and tricks to use when pinning to grow your traffic.

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Pinteresting Strategies  by Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose is one resource I refer back to constantly. Being a member of her awesome Facebook group, I have to say that Carly is one of the most ‘real’ of the big bloggers I know of.  She has personally tested tons of strategies and through trial and error, put together a plan that gains her more and more page views to her blog every day. Her unique manual pinning method certainly works and is great for those who do not want to use a scheduler like Boardbooster or Tailwind! Carly is super active and super helpful in the Facebook group and is so down to earth!

 >> Get a free trial of Tailwind here <<

Pinterest Ninja – by Megan Johnson of Megan walks you through everything from starting your blog, to enabling rich pins, to creating a viral pin. An invaluable resource! There is a 101 Facebook groups resource that will help grow your following, all organized by blogging niche. She even includes 85 affiliates organized by blogging niche, so that you can easily join and start monetizing your blogging. These groups and affiliate ists are worth the price even without the Pinterest strategies included in the book.

If you blog, there is no way you could NOT have heard of The BIllionaire Blog Club run by Paul Scrivens. Did you know they do a Pinterest Course as well? At the pricier end of the curve, but you know you are definitely getting great value for money. It has a whopping 37 videos that total over six hours watching time. It also grants access to the Billionaire slack group where you can discuss strategies with other pinners. You are walked through the entire Pinterest process and can view live stats on their blog.

I am a massive fan of Melyssa Griffin so I was super excited to learn that she has a course called Pinfinite Growth. Melyssa walks you through right from laying the right foundation, through defining your brand and creating the right first impression, to how the smart feed works and how to harness the power of group boards. She shows you the best software and strategies to use, how to read your analytics and even how you can take those visitors through to subscribers.

Melanie Duncan leads one of the largest online communities of female entrepreneurs with over 160,000 subscribers. She also created a course called The Power of Pinning. Melanie leads you through the strategies and systems she uses in her own business. This is much more than a how-to as she also shares the free tools and resources she uses to create winning pins.



If none of the above takes your fancy (although they definitely should!), one learning platform that is super affordable is Udemy. Here are just a few of the Pinterest courses that are on offer

Pinterest Marketing: Using Pinterest for Business Growth

This course provides two and a half hours of on-demand videos, with lifetime access. By the end of the course, you will have your Pinterest account set up and optimised for search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

There is a ten-day challenge at the end of the course to make sure you really get off to a flying start.

With two thousand people enrolled this is certainly one of the more popular courses.

Pincredible Marketing: Double your Traffic with Pinterest

I think this Pinterest course is a hidden gem! FIlled with case studies, this course has three hours of video and will guide you step by step how to reach targeted visitors to your site using Pinterest strategies.

💳Buying Tip:
At the time of writing, this course is currently on sale on Udemy. However, the normal price on Udemy is quite a bit higher than you can get it HERE so make sure you price check before you buy!


Pinterest Marketing Success for Busy Entrepreneurs

If you are running short on time (who isn’t?!) then you may want a quick one hour, “over the shoulder” style Pinterest Course that goes through how to automate you Pinterest activities, find other pinners who are ready to repin your content and how to reach thousands on Pinterest.


One unexpected source where I found Pinterest courses is LinkedIn. With the advantage of a free month trial, this may be the way to go if you are strapped for cash.

Books On Pinterest

If you are more of a curl up on the couch kinda person, then there are many books available on Amazon to suit your needs. (In the UK or US and want a free trial of Amazon prime? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial United Kingdom Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial United States

I hope you have found the above list useful!

Now it is your turn…. What is your go-to resource for Pinterest? Have you taken any super Pinterest courses that I need to add to the list above? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

Belinda xxx

Would you rather someone just sorted your Pinterest for you instead?

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  1. Be it controlling the speed of the pins in the account, getting the best content updated, setting up the schedules for the pins for the whole week, or proofing my account to be ban-safe… I have got all these amazing things at one stop solution i.e., PinPinterest [com]
    When I first started promoting my brands on Pinterest, I tried it all manually, but we all know how it goes… So I looked for automating tools and encountered Tailwind, BoardBooster, ViralTag and many other on my way..DISAPPOINTED by each one of them :-/ But my search continued and finally I settled for PinPInterest.
    Using it for months now and I am truly amazed at how my ratings have gone up, my followers have increased, my pin boards look amazing. And everything is just available through my mobile phone too thereby letting me keep a check whenever I need. I transfer days between my multiple accounts as per my convenience and needs. The ads keep coming up at times, but its fine. Its like a small price for the great service \m/

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