1. There is a whole load of learning courses on there, I discovered!

  2. Be it controlling the speed of the pins in the account, getting the best content updated, setting up the schedules for the pins for the whole week, or proofing my account to be ban-safe… I have got all these amazing things at one stop solution i.e., PinPinterest [com]
    When I first started promoting my brands on Pinterest, I tried it all manually, but we all know how it goes… So I looked for automating tools and encountered Tailwind, BoardBooster, ViralTag and many other on my way..DISAPPOINTED by each one of them :-/ But my search continued and finally I settled for PinPInterest.
    Using it for months now and I am truly amazed at how my ratings have gone up, my followers have increased, my pin boards look amazing. And everything is just available through my mobile phone too thereby letting me keep a check whenever I need. I transfer days between my multiple accounts as per my convenience and needs. The ads keep coming up at times, but its fine. Its like a small price for the great service \m/

  3. I didn’t know so many different courses were out there. I really have to try one or two to get my Pinterest skills up. Thank you for sharing.

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