Targeting Facebook posts!

Did you know you can target Facebook posts, not just ads, to certain demographics? Targeting Facebook posts is a free way to get your content in front of the right people.

As well as the general demographic selectors such as age, country, location or relationship status (imagine putting your wedding items in front of those who are currently engaged!!) you can also target people with specific interests.

Define your target

Define your targeting based on your ideal customer/buyer profile (you have one of those, right? 😉) If you would like to know how to define your ideal customer then you can read my post about it.

Only people in the target demographic will see your posts in their news feed, but it will still be available to see by everyone in your timeline, so remember to hide similar posts in your timeline if you are testing which demographic works best for you.

Measure your engagement rate

Once you have decided who to target or test, make sure you measure your engagement rate. This can be worked out by dividing the number of people that liked, commented, shared, reacted by the total reach of the post. Compare it to your untargeted posts (be careful of artificial high engagement, such as those from ‘hikes’ and leave these out.)  and posts you have targeted slightly differently. For example, you may have put the same post out to this interested in ceramics and those interested in clay. Which works better?

If you need some help with the data analysis, just post a question under this post or message me.

Take a look at targeting Facebook posts and let me know if it makes a difference to you! Always looking for feedback on my tips!

Love, Belinda xx

P.s. If you haven’t got the little target symbol when you create a post, go into your settings, select general, audience optimization and then allow. Go back to creating your post and the target should appear.

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