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The Sections Feature on Pinterest and How to Use It

Sections on Pinterest have caused a little bit of a stir in Pinterest Marketing circles. Should you use them, should you not?

Well, the reason I am starting to love sections is since I have found out that Pinterest assigns their own keywords to your pins. You may keyword your pin ‘baby baths’ but if people are pinning it to ‘elephant hats’ all the time then Pinterest is going to think it is about elephant hats! (No, I don’t know if that is a thing! I was just thinking of random words…knowing Pinterest, as it is in the first paragraph they will probably now keyword this Elephant baths. sigh) Anyway, so from that perspective, I think a relevant keyworded section will be hugely helpful for letting Pinterest know what the hell you are on about with your pins!

So, want to know how to use sections? Read on…

Pinterest Sections -a board within a board – was recently launched to all users.  It was rolled out to power users for Beta testing in September 2017 but it is now available on all accounts.


“It’s been a really popular feature request for years,” said Ben Silbermann Pinterest CEO and co-founder. “A lot of people create a board, and then after they create it, they want to add structure to it,” he explains.


Tech Crunch Says: Pinterest says it was the top requested feature of all time, and that’s probably for good reason. Pinterest is built out of a psychology based on tidying things up and keeping things organized in one spot. So adding another abstraction layer to the process of sticking everything onto a board makes a lot of sense for a subset of users who are more aggressive about keeping their ideas in some logical flow.

For marketers and ecomm stores, it will be quite useful to see where users go in their usage flow. Boards signalling shoes, then women’s, then wedges or high heels or pumps – and then being pinned, show exactly what people are looking for and where they can focus their efforts. It will also make things super easy to find for your followers.


Using Sections to Pin

To use the feature, go to your board and then tap “Add Section”.


pinterest sections


Name your new section or “sub-board”


pinterest name your section

The new sections will sit at the top of your board, like this:

Pinterest sections sit at the top of the board


When you save something to the board that has sections, a small arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and the sections or “sub-boards” can then be selected. This works on both the web in general and within Pinterest itself. I have tried it on Tailwind, but it seems for now you can only add it to the general top-level board.section pinterest arrow

saving pinterest sections


If you make a mistake or decide you want to edit or delete your section, never fear. You can click on the pencil just like you do with a board.

delete section pinterest



Organise your Pins

Once you have created your sections on your boards, go ahead and organise them with the “Organise” feature.


organise pinterest sections


Just hit the Organise button, select your pins and it will move them across for you.


So what sections on Pinterest should you have?

Here are some ideas of what sections to organise your boards into.

  1.  Into your niches – perhaps the same niches you have on your website or Etsy store, making it super simple for customers to find a specific product no matter what platform they are on.
  2. Into types of content – videos, blog posts, images
  3. By platform type – marketing and tips by platform. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  4. Into ages – if you have different customer types by age.
  5. By Keywords – help tell Pinterest what your pin is about by having multiple sections you can repin your pin to, named after your keywords


Even better, just like boards they can also be secret if needed, letting you drip out content as you need to (I use BoardBooster to do that)


So, should you bother with sections on Pinterest? How will it affect views and clicks?


Like anything new, no one has figured out how exactly it will affect things, but it is always a good idea to get on board with new features that the platforms push – think about Live on Facebook and how much that increase your views!

From a search perspective, the more you are keywording your pins by putting them in relevant sections, the quicker Pinterest will know what your pin is about and throw you into search results. For this reason, I *do* think you should take the time to get them set up. But that’s just my opinion and I know there are some out there who don’t agree 🙂

The only drawback to sections as a business, that I can see, is that Tailwind does not schedule to sections (and has no plans to do so) so if using Tailwind you will need to go in occasionally and manually move them.

Boardbooster, on the other hand, DOES schedule to sections so that may be worth a look if you either like keeping things nice and tidy from the start, or if you won’t have time to manually go in and reorganise.

So, what do you think? Yes or No? Are you going to use sections on your Pinterest account? Let me know in the comments!

Happy organising!

Belinda xx

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how to use the section feature

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  1. That was a good post. It is really confusing how to use section features really on Pinterest. Now I can do this on my own. Thank you for posting this that was a big help.

  2. Great guide, I was a great fan of Pinterest before since it was kinda complicated at first but once you know how stuff works then Its more easier. Lovely guide I really love how you explained it clearly. Really helpful for novice.

  3. This is a great tip. I have been working on my 2018 game plan for my social media and working on my pinterest is one of the things.

  4. Truly amazing information about Pinterest. This is a big help, especially for the people who need tips for organizing Pinterest.

  5. This is very helpful information, thank you I really appreciate all the tutorials that you’re sharing when it comes to pinterest! Thanks!

  6. This is awesome information for anyone using sections on Pinterest . I know the past couple of years we have seen such a increase of use with Pinterest and I think it is great they are listening to the users. Thanks for sharing the information.

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  8. Thanks so much! This is a wonderful thing to do- makes so much sense. Now, what do I do when I’ve messed up? I misspelled a word and didn’t catch it. Pins that I selected are not in the correct section- and I don’t even know how that happened. How to delete or move it elsewhere? Thanks!

    1. Hi Donna, you can delete the misspelt pin and redo it and repin, that isn’t a problem. 🙂 Depending on how many times it has been repinned, the old pin will still be out there, but you can never delete all of them so don’t stress about it. Mistakes make you human 🙂 Re the pins not the correct section, just hit organise again and move them again to the right section. There is no limit on how many times you move a pin. Let me know if you have any other questions x

      1. Hi, Belinda! Thanks so much! I did understand more of what to do when I stopped being anxious about it- yep I’m very human. But I now have a huge problem. I set up sections on one of my boards, planning to move pins after all sections were made. But, under that board it now only says the sections, there are no pins. I backed up and tried again, I went to the home page, I closed out of Pinterest completely, and still no pins. The board shows three pins as the cover but the pins are gone. Help! Thanks!

        1. Oh my goodness! I’m an idiot. I just thought about a “section” labeled Pins from my first foray into this new world. Looked there and there they were. All my pins. Whew! Thanks for your availability, time, and desire to help! You may hear from me again! Thanks!

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