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Repurpose Your Written Content On LinkedIn

There are so many places to put content to help drive traffic. Linkedin.com is no exception. Linkedin.com is a more buttoned-up social media platform for professionals so any content you publish on LinkedIn will get viewed and commented on by other professionals.

Plus, people will click through to your profile to find out more about you thus helping you increase your traffic, get more conversions, and make more sales. Plus, it’s so much easier repurposing on LinkedIn than anywhere else since the content doesn’t have to be original and unpublished.

The great thing about LinkedIn.com is that the articles you publish do not have to be original. You can publish articles, whitepapers, and other content right on Linkedin.com even though you’ve posted it elsewhere, but you must you own the content and right to publish it. Publish to Your Website First.

  • Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated – When people read the articles you publish on LinkedIn they can find out more about you via your profile. The article is just one way to get attention, but your profile is how they’ll contact you so make sure you have everything filled out and updated always.


  • Use Your Profile – Within your profile, you can add all kinds of content from documents, white papers, slide shows, or you can simply link to them too which is a great way to get links to your site too. You can upload anything under 15 MB.


  • Be Professional – LinkedIn is not the place to share things that aren’t professional so publish only your very best work so that you highlight what you do in the very best way. Also, everything should be non-promotional in nature.


  • Post Regularly – Add LinkedIn to your weekly publishing calendar by starting to add this type of content to LinkedIn on a regular basis. You’ll come up in search more often and make more connections.


  • Give Advice – The best articles to publish on LinkedIn offer advice and “how to” information to your audience.


  • Solve Problems – Your audience has pain points and problems so choose content that gives them information about their problems and points toward solutions but don’t try to sell anything.


  • Tell a Story – Your online profile for LinkedIn is a resume, but it’s also a way to tell a complete story through articles and other documents and content you’ve created that you can upload.

Remember that everything you publish on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be unique, it can be previously published work that highlights your expertise. Since the content you publish on LinkedIn shows up in your profile, which is really an online resume, the more content you can include that gives a full overview of your talents the better because it fills out your profile and makes you look more attractive to anyone who is looking for what you’re offering.


Are you looking to repurpose your written content on LinkedIn? Let me help you!


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