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How To REALLY Achieve Your Goals


As we near the end of the year, I am sure we are all looking back at what has happened this year and starting to set goals for next year. What have you done or not done that you said you would? What has worked and what hasn’t?

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Sometimes we have a goal in our head that whilst we would love to achieve it, it seems totally out of reach. When my son was feeling like this we came up with a little analogy.

Once there were some miners who saw that there was a massive treasure trove deep in the ground. The problem was, it was hidden behind a big rock. Now, the miners called their friends, but no matter how they pushed and pulled they could not move that rock! Then one day they realised that they could blow the rock up into smaller rock, enabling them to take away the big rock in smaller parts, eventually revealing the treasure.

Now that’s a pretty silly story, I know. But it got the point across. “Big rock, break it down” and even as a small child he realised the importance of it. Years on, we still say that small phrase when we feel overwhelmed.

How does this relate to achieving your goals? It is the same phrase. “Big goal, break it down”.

A bit of a disclaimer here: The goals you set have to be SMART. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant and Time-Based. I am not saying that you can become an astronaut at 93 as that is perhaps not realistic. But you can achieve your business ‘treasure’ if you break them down to smaller ‘rocks’.


Your goals must be well defined. Think of them as a roadmap. Set out the strategy you are going to use to reach them. Who do you need to collaborate with? Do you need to outsource? What tools do you need?


How do you know if you have reached the goal?  Put a number on it.What will you see?  What evidence tells me I have achieved my goal? How will it feel to reach the goal?


Make sure it is actually possible. You will never reach your goal if it is a pie-in-the-sky dream. That doesn’t mean don’t reach for the stars. Just know that sometimes it isn’t realistic to achieve going from, say, zero views on your blog per month to a million the next! (ok, unless you pay for traffic. But that’s a BAD idea. So don’t do it!)


What is the goals purpose? Does it take you in the direction you want to go? Or are you doing it because everyone says you should? Examine the motivation or inspiration behind the goal.


Set deadlines for the small parts that align with the overall plan. Make sure they are motivating (do you work well under pressure?) but also build in a bit of flexibility (life happens to us all!)  so that you dont get down if you ‘miss’ it due to unexpected circumstances. And if you beat the dealine? Even better!

Quick Wins

By breaking down your goals into smaller achievable parts, you will get some ‘quick wins’ that keep you on track and motivated. Rather than looking at your list and not being able to see any progress, you will see that despite your overwhelm, you HAVE moved forward. And any movement forward, however small, is still moving and bringing your goal closer to reality.

Are you ready to follow through on your goals?

Achieving your goals is only 20% setting them, but 80% slaying. Here’s your FREE Printable 10-Step Guide to Slaying Your Goals in 2018.

10-Step Slay Your Goals Guide

If you want to take it even further, a perfect blueprint for achieving your goals can be found in the ‘Slay Your Gaols Planner‘. I am not one to gush, or promote anything that I don’t truly believe in, but this planner perfectly aligns with my phrase and beliefs.

It is over 60 pages of goal setting, breaking them down, discovering your intention, getting quick wins and focusing you on making sure you achieve your goals. I highly recommend you check it out if you want to start truly focusing and growing your business.

Slay Your Goals Planner-itsallyouboo.com-6 Chapters-60

What are your goals for your business? What have you achieved using SMART goals that you are truly proud of? I would love to hear from you in the comments!


Belinda xx

set yourself up for success in 2018 #goals #lifegoals #newyearsresolutions
set yourself up for success in 2018 #goals #lifegoals #newyearsresolutions
set yourself up for success in 2018 #goals #lifegoals #newyearsresolutions

27 thoughts on “How To REALLY Achieve Your Goals

  1. Hey Belinda,

    OMG how am I just seeing this your amazing review of the Slay Your Goals Planner? I really love the simple yet powerful quote you shared about breaking it down – that is what the planner is all about. Glad you enjoyed it and hope it’s still helping you slay your goals in 2018.

  2. This is such a great post and really helpful for to achieve our goals. Inspiration is the key to be successful, motivation as well.

  3. Now you have me thinking I’m running behind. I don’t want this year to be over yet. I haven’t set any goals yet for next year. Guess I need to get on the ball. I think I’m procrastinating a little.

  4. This is a great post on how to really achieve your goals. I do agree that breaking down your goals can make it easier and less overwhelming. The Slay Your Goals Planner is something I will have to check out and share with some friends too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Oh!! this is such a great and informative post to achieve our goals. Motivation and inspiration are very important things to have and that is the secret to achieve our goals and dreams.

  6. I didn’t want to set myself any “goals” per se in terms of my blog – as I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment, but so far the feedback has exceeded my expectations. I’m going to set myself the goal of getting 2k hits before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

    Great post 🙂

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