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 Pinterest Management Packages

We offer a number of Pinterest Management Packages to suit all levels.


A proven method of Pinterest Management for getting a steady stream of long term traffic to your site from Pinterest – without you having to do the work!

Did you know Pinterest now boasts over 219 Million users?

*90 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions

*55 percent of Pinners are looking specifically for productsThat’s more than 4 times as many as on other platforms!

*97 percent of Pinterest searches are unbranded – which is great for new stores!

*Pinterest drives 33 percent more traffic than Facebook, proportionately and they click through to shopping sites more than Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter users, and lastly;

*Pinterest users spend 29 percent more while shopping than non-users.

Statistics say that up to 80% of content on Pinterest is just repinned from other Pinterest users So that means that when fresh, original content is pinned it really stands out.

Businesses can use Pinterest to influence the buyer journey and drive more traffic to convert into sales.

However, the ever-changing algorithms and SEO mean that staying on top of the best practices can take time. Enter Your Virtual Assistant Service.


Your perfect customers are on Pinterest – They just need to see your content! 


Perhaps you are getting a steady stream of traffic from Pinterest, but now you really want to grow your presence as this client did…

Or perhaps you are starting right from the beginning…

This account was set up by Your Virtual Assistant Service as part of their Pinterest Management Package

Pinterest is a visual search engine and just like Google search results, SEO takes time! Pinterest can really grow your business, but you need the right strategy. Luckily, we have that! With up to date knowledge we can stay ahead of the changes and let you concentrate on what you do best.

Month One:

In the first month, we perform an initial analysis and baselines. We then set you up with a solid foundation to grow your account.

⇒ Optimise your profile and Bio

⇒ Add or Optimise your board descriptions

⇒ Apply to high-quality group boards and Tribes in your niche

⇒ Create customised branded pin templates

Month Two Onwards:

⇒ Daily scheduling through Tailwind to both personal and group boards

⇒ SEO optimised pin descriptions

⇒ Adhere to all group board and Tribe ratios


How awesome would it be to get to your blog or Etsy store, without lifting a finger, all through the power of Pinterest?



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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need Tailwind?

Yes, we work with accounts using Tailwind for the extra analytics it provides and the access to Tribes – which are like group boards but the ratios are monitored more closely – meaning that your content is even more likely to be shared!

You can grab a free trial here and then you choose the plan that suits you best.

How many blog posts do I need to have before this starts?

We do like to work with active bloggers that have at least one new post being published each month. On top of that, we recommend you start with an archive of ten or so posts as well.

What platform does my blog or shop need to be on?

We can insert rich pins into almost any platform except Wix. Rich pins add that extra bit of data for SEO purposes and to give the pinner more context for your pin.

What about Youtube, or Etsy?

Both YouTube and Etsy can be claimed on Pinterest and give specific analytics for those platforms. In fact, we LOVE working with YouTube and Etsy!

How do I know what is working?

Each month you are sent a comprehensive report with detailed statistics and analysis, showing what is and isn’t working and the performance of both your account and the traffic to your sites.


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