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Why You Need Pinterest for Business

…and how to set it up

When you think of social media marketing, using Pinterest for business may not be the first platform that comes to mind. However, with over 150 Million Pinterest users, you should think again.

Pinterest is like a visual search engine. Users on Pinterest are actively looking for ideas, tips, and inspiration – and they are looking to buy. In fact, 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan purchases and the average order of sales coming from Pinterest is $50, which is higher than any other major social platform (source: Shopify).

The secret of Pinterest for businesses lies in the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words. John Davis of LLSocial,com says:

“For retailers, the path to purchase from a social network is no more direct than on Pinterest. ‘See it, like it, buy it’ happens frequently … Even in cases where the path to purchase is not as direct, rarely do you have a social network where linking to for-sale items is done so frequently. You have clear social proof of the desire for the item, you see a picture of it, and you are only one or two clicks away from being on an ecommerce site.”


Pinterest drives FREE traffic to your site.

You need traffic to your site to increase leads and sales. Around 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest, according to Shareaholic research. (source: Pinterest). Now, I know 5% doesn’t sound like much, but think about how much traffic there must be each day on the internet. To give you another comparison, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Google Plus only drive around 1%. So if you are on Twitter hoping to drive traffic to your site, why aren’t you on Pinterest?

For websites such as blogs and services, Pinterest includes a link in every pin leading back to the source of the image. This provides you with some very valuable inbound links SEO-wise. You can also add a “Pin It” button to your site, making it very easy for site visitors to share your articles, products or blog posts.

After joining Pinterest, traffic to this blog has doubled and continues to rise. It has even taken over the traffic from Facebook where I used to spend most of my time networking.

 Pinterest drives traffic for longer

Pins on Pinterest drive traffic longer than any other social media platform. The half-life of  a pin is said to be three and a half months. That means, after three and a half months that pin has only received 50% of its engagement. (source: socialmarketingwriting.com). Put another way, each pin is expected to drive traffic to your site for SEVEN MONTHS! To compare again to other social media sites, the half-life of a tweet is just 24 minutes and the half-life of a Facebook post is only 90 minutes.

So really, can you afford to ignore Pinterest for your biz? Convinced? Let’s crack on…

Setting up Pinterest for Business

There are two main ways of setting up Pinterest for your business. Either convert your personal profile to a business profile or, the strategy I recommend, start afresh with a new profile.

If you want to convert your profile, you can do so here: www.pinterest.com/business/convert

However, the reason I recommend switching to a business account is that it gives access to a whole host of features such as Rich Pins, Analytics, and Promoted Posts.

To set up your account, head here: https://business.pinterest.com

  • Click ‘Join as a Business’
  • Enter all the information required, such as email address, business name, business type, then click ‘Create Account’
  • Pinterest will ask you to choose five topics that your audience is interested in so make sure to select ones that match your niche.
Verify your Website and set up Rich Pins

If you do not verify your website, then you will not be able to view the analytics and see if all of your efforts are paying off.

  • Go to the main page of your account and choose Edit Profile.
  • Add in your website and click “verify”.
  • Add the code you are given into your website, then return to Pinterest and choose to complete the process.
  • Always opt to access Rich Pins at this point. Rich Pins give you access to things you wouldn’t normally see if you didn’t go through to the article or site.

And that’s it! you are now up an running as a business on Pinterest. Create some boards and get pinning! Remember, when you create a board, pin at least ten pins to fill it up and make it look more established. No-one wants to follow a board with only a few pins!

Don’t forget to pop your email address in the box on the sidebar to download your Perfect Pin Checklist to give your pins the best chance fo being seen!

Happy Pinning!


Belinda xx

P.S. If you are looking for some amazing Pinterest Strategies to up your Pinterest game, you may want to check out the following:

Pinteresting Strategies – by Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose. She personally tested tons of strategies and through trial and error, put together a plan that gains her more and more page views to her blog every day

Pinterest Ninja – by Megan Johnson of LoveFamilyHealth.com. Mega walks you through everything from starting your blog, to enabling rich pins, to creating a viral pin. An invaluable resource!

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why you need Pinterest for Business #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttraffic #pinterestbusiness #pinterestbusinessmarketing #pinterestbusinesstips
How to set up Pinterest for Business #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttraffic #pinterestbusiness #pinterestbusinessmarketing #pinterestbusinesstips
why you need Pinterest for Business #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttraffic #pinterestbusiness #pinterestbusinessmarketing #pinterestbusinesstips
How to set up Pinterest for Business #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttraffic #pinterestbusiness #pinterestbusinessmarketing #pinterestbusinesstips

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  2. Pinterest is one of the most engaging social media in our online businesses and a great way to increase traffic. What a great tips for the blogger and business online. I will share this one.

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  4. Pinterest for business purposes is a great way to increase traffic. People tend to see a photo and want to explore which is why using Pinterest is important. Thanks for sharing the information.

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  6. I have Pinterest but honestly I don’t ever feel like I figure it out …. mostly I pin a lot of recipes I’ll never make and crafts I’ll probab not do LOL 🙂

  7. I’ve had pinterest for business for a long time. I’ve been on Pinterest since it was invite only, and love the platform. I’m a food blogger and love what Rich Pins does for my recipes.

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  11. These are some really good tips here! I am trying to find the best way to utilize pinterest, it seems like pinning alot gets followers but its just converting them to my blog!

  12. There are some great tips here. I’ve only recently started using Pinterest a lot in the last half of this year, but it has become a big driver of traffic to my blog!

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