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No one likes talking about failure, right?

But I want you to give yourself permission to fail. Now, I know you are thinking “what? I don’t want to fail!”

Of course, you don’t! No-one does! But what I am talking about is trying new things or taking risks in your business. You have to take risks sometimes and take yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s great to feel comfortable and like you finally know what you are doing, but growth is based on getting up and getting out there.

Ok, sometimes risks don’t work out.

And that’s ok!

Say you decided to try Facebook Ads. And although you got reach, you didn’t get any leads or sales. So you are feeling a little glum and a little like you have wasted your money.

But have you really?
Let’s reframe it. What have you gained?

-A little more knowledge on how Facebook Ads work.
-Maybe how to optimize your ads a little better.
-That you need to rework your offer pitch to resonate more with your ideal customer
– That maybe you need to rethink your target audience too.

And all that knowledge is so valuable to your business and taking it forward. So rather than looking at it as “I spent money on Facebook Ads and it didn’t work”, look at it as “I spent money to educate myself on how to take my business forward.”

And educating yourself can never be considered a failure!

So, *I* give you permission to fail – do YOU give yourself permission?

Love, Belinda xxx

P.S. As always, if you want a chat about how you can move forward, then please get in contact!

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