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I am sure we have all heard of the amazing traffic that you can get from Pinterest. So you throw up a few images, link them to your blog and sit back to wait for the traffic.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

I know, because I tried it!Β 

I have done SO MUCH research on how to get all that free traffic everyone is talking about. And I have figured out it is all about getting that pin to convert.

Well duh! But how do you do that?

Here’s what works for me:
  1. Use an image in the ratio of 2:3. That means long and skinny. Pinterest briefly flirted with going back to shorter pins but the word is long and skinny is back again. Buffer recommends 800 px by 1200 px. Both PicMonkey and Canva have Pinterest Pin templates (with some amazing designs) that are slightly off this size but seem to work well.
  2. Create a standard template for yourΒ brand in look and style. Have a set text layout or palette of colours or a certain overlay that people will see and associate with you. They will then click through, knowing that you provide value.
  3. Use simple, click-worthy (but NOT clickbait!) headlines that make people want to read what you have to say. I find it also helps if the image on the pin corresponds to the image in the post so people know they are in the right place.
  4. When saving your pin image, use keywords that search engines will pick up on.Β Without even looking at the image, you want Google to know what the image is about. Google won’t know what 1234_567.img is about. It will know what best_chocolate_cake_recipe.img is.
  5. When saving the pin to your post, make sure you have fully filled in the description and the ALT tags. Include hashtags, keywords, and what the Pin is linking to. This will give the pinners a ready-made description when they pin your image to Pinterest, plus you are ensuring it is optimised for search.
  6. Create two or three different pins per post for pinners to choose from. When you are starting out, this will also help you learn what the pinners like so you create more awesome pins.
  7. Your first pin should be from your site, then repin from Pinterest to the relevant boards and group boards.
  8. Hide your pin variations in your post. You can do this using the code <div style=”display: none;”> before your image code. Close the code with </div>

If you would like a downloadable copy of this checklist, just fill in the form on the right.

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If you want to learn more about Pinterest, one of the best resources I have found for free is the course by Amber Temerity at Thriftyguardian.com. You can access it here.

If you are looking for a paid course, head over and check out Pinterest Ninja by Megan Johnson at LoveFamilyHealth.

Both of these courses are amazing and have taught me pretty much everything I know about Pinterest!

Happy Pinning!

Belinda xx


Perfect Pin Checklist #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing
perfect pin checklist
Perfect Pin Checklist #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing
downloadable checklist for creating the perfect pin #pinterest #pinterestmarketing #blogger #bloggers

78 thoughts on “Perfect Pin Checklist

  1. My pinterest account is so, so, so sad. That I’ve just about given up on it. I think one of these days when the snow locks me inside my house this winter I’ll have to put these tips to use, maybe then it won’t seem so pathetic looking…lol

  2. This was a good guide on how to pin on my Pinterest. Sometimes It keeps bothering me when there is a lot of traffic on my account. I should print this and pin it on my wall so it keeps on reminding me whenever I’m on Pinterest.

  3. I love Canva for Pinterest images, but I’m not crazy about the size of the images there. You’re 100% right – long and skinny is what’s working visually on Pinterest, and unfortunately Canva’s Pinterest default images are too wide. πŸ™

  4. I’m glad i bumped into your post. I been trying to understand Pinterest game for awhile and I admit i am lost haha can’t wait to follow your tips, thanks

    1. Sure πŸ™‚ By hiding the variations, I mean put all of the pins in the post – but hidden with the code on the checklist. This means it won’t show up in the post but when someone uses the Pin It functions they will show up as an option. This means that pinners can choose the image they like best – which you can then use to learn what appeals most to your target audience. πŸ™‚

  5. What a great tips and guide, at the beginning I really fins Pinterest difficult to manipulate and browse for now I find it super easy and still learnign those other features to make my account more attractive. thank for this one! surely tons of beginners will be spoiled by this.

  6. I usually create my images with Canva and they tend to get a decent amount of traffic. I really like the idea of creating several images so the readers can choose their favorite.

  7. I think I am the one who needs these tips the most, my pintrest is like an abandoned room. I surely will use your tips to make it better.

  8. This is a wonderful checklist. I’ve been needing to focus on my Pintrest and really freshen it up. Your graphic is also super helpful. I can’t wait to try this out and see how it works for me. Thank you for the well written post.

  9. I’ve been pushing my Pinterest this last week, and have noticed some amazing results. I just finished upgraded all my blog posts to include a long pin. But I haven’t done the ALT tags yet! I’ll get on that too. Thanks for the printable too πŸ˜€

  10. Maybe, Finally, those tips will turn the situation with my Pinterest again 180 degrees. No traffic at all.
    All I read about is how awesome Pinterest can be for bloggers… Maybe this will shine some light on that.

  11. Oh this was so interesting. I am so painfully inept at Pinterest. I just cant get a hang of it or any part of it, really. This helps haha

  12. Thanks for this awesome list! Pinterest can be one tough cookie to crumble but totally worth it if you get it right. I always forget to write a good description myself.

  13. These are the great list. I do really love to use Pinterest. and I will definitely save this to my Bookmark as my future references.

  14. These are brilliant and helpful ideas! I hate click-bait and it makes me feel annoying on a site. Pinterest is one of a important platforms to get traffic to your blog. Love this post.

  15. I have started to use the Canva Pinterest templates a while ago and I can already see a big difference in the traffic I am getting from the social platform. It’s all about high quality photos and great SEO descriptions. Amazing how such small things can make a huge difference.

  16. This checklist is really helpful for a perfect pin on Pinterest. You are always giving great and tips on different social media Flatporms, Keep it up!

  17. Pins take me so long to create! And it’s so weird how a pin might take weeks to gain momentum and actually start getting attention. Good reminders here for me, thank you!

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