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Outsource to a VA and Get Back Your Freedom

Wondering about outsourcing to a virtual assistant?

Running a business is HARD. It takes long hours and often the motivation wanes.

Long hours and late nights.

You aren’t quite sure what you are doing, or if what you are doing is right.

Your to-do list is miles long and every time you cross something off, another three tasks are added.

You have seen an idea you would love to add to your business but just don’t have the time.

You feel like you aren’t quite moving forward and growing at the pace you would like.

But there is a solution!

One way of getting some of these tasks off your plate and in the completed pile is by outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

Look at your to-do list. Is there something that has been lingering for months? This task falls into one of two categories. Either it adds no value to your business – in which case get rid of it and dump the guilt! Or, there is something stopping you doing it. Is it time? Delegate it to your VA. Is it because prep work is needed first? Delegate the prep to your VA.

Are there regular monthly tasks that you just hate and put off? Maybe invoicing, chasing the invoices, payroll, scheduling social media? Delegate these!

What about those ‘chore’ promotion threads? Adding your link, reciprocating likes and comments and hearts and …and…and… DELEGATE!

All the items on your to-do list are mentally holding you back. You look at the long list and feel blocked and trapped. There is no way running your business should make you feel that way. Remember the reason you started your own business in the first place. Freedom.

Let your Virtual Assistant give you that freedom back so you can concentrate on the tasks that grow your sales and help you ROCK your biz!


If you need help getting your time and freedom back, please contact me so we can have a FREE chat about how I can help you out.

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Love, Belinda xx

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business #growth #business #virtualassistant

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business #growth #business #virtualassistant

36 thoughts on “Outsourcing to a virtual assistant helps you grow

  1. Virtual Assistant is such a big help for our load works. It is a part of our growing businesses. There are truly the answer to finish our work early and help us grow our static and in our business

  2. I do think it is one of the best investments you can make for your business. There is so many things to do in consider when you’re getting started and if you have the income to get some help you can focus on more important tasks.

  3. I am actually looking for a VA but I don’t know where to find a reliable one. I think virtual assistants will be helpful considering they can help out when busy days.

    1. I understand. Your biz is your baby. It can seem scary to take that step and let someone else in. But remember your VA works WITH you and your success is their success too 🙂 I love nothing better than helping a client out and seeing the results happen. It’s a great feeling helping people.

  4. Virtual assistant = suddenly a lot of free time! Blogging takes up so much of our free time, that we considered a few times outsourcing some of the work. We haven’t taken the plunge though!

  5. Checking emails, answering inquiries and a lot more? Hiring VA will help you manage your work. The benefits of having a VA is you can have more time if you are too busy with your life.

  6. I know quite a few bloggers that have become VA’s and when I was working three jobs alongside my blog I did think about getting a VA. I know what you mean it can get really overwhelming trying to get everything done, especially if you are a blogger! x

    1. It can be so hard to fit everything in 🙂 Being a VA I have some really cool time-saving tools which makes it a breeze and means I can help even more people. I still struggle to get blog posts done for myself though!

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