How to make more sales on Etsy

Want to make more sales on Etsy? Follow the tips below to maximise the power of your store and increase Etsy sales!

A common complaint is that Etsy sales are down in 2018. You cannot rely on the Etsy search algorithm, which changes all the time, so you have to take control of your own traffic. And the best way to do that is to optimise your store, and drive traffic from *other* platforms direct to your storefront.


If you are wondering “Why are my Etsy sales down?” and wondering how to get more sales on Etsy then read on…

🚦 Drive Traffic To Your Store with Pinterest

Pinterest and Etsy are the perfect combinations.

You *are* using Pinterest for your Etsy store right?

93% of pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchasing and 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. As a visual search engine pinners will be drawn to the images of your product and can click straight through to your store.

Pins last far longer than content on any other social media platform. In fact, the half-life of a pin is said to be three and a half months. That means, in three and a half months it has only achieved 50% of its potential traffic! And all it takes is one person to find and pick up your pin to give it a new lease of life.

Complete Your Shop Story

Found under settings, your shops About section can be used to build trust with your potential customers. Use the section to create a connection, which can be the difference between choosing to buy from you or someone else.

As you tell your story, focus on things like

  • How and why you got started
  • Why you love to make the products you make
  • Why your items are important to you
  • What your process is like – from getting your ideas all the way to shipping
  • Who you are – your interests, your life, your family and how it relates to your shop
  • Share any testimonials that stand out and align with your story

You also get links to your social media sites so make sure that you use them to let potential customers know where else they can find and follow you.

If you have more than one person in your business make sure you fill out the bio of your team members as well.

You can also upload five photos to your About page. Use these photo slots to show yourself and behind the scenes shots which adds a personal touch to the page. You could also add team member photos, your workspace, a stall you have run or feature your very best products and best sellers.

AHSknits has an amazing about section, really taking the time to share their story, as well as highlighting their other products and testimonials.


Use Your Shop Announcement Feature

This is one of the most underutilised sections! You can use the shop announcement feature to offer sales or discount codes for your products or to let people know you are taking a holiday from the store.

The shop shown below, however, has taken their shop announcement to a whole new level. Look at all the detail they have provided!

I love the use of links for those shoppers looking for something specific so they can go straight to the right section of the store.

Metalicious has also shown authority in their niche by providing links to media they have been featured in and provided an extra way for customers to find them on social media for those who don’t click through to the about section.

Starting an email list isn’t just for bloggers. By providing a sign-up form the owner has a way of contacting their potential customers without the help of Etsy or social media. Remember, social media platforms and the information they contain, do not belong to you and however unlikely, could be taken down at any point. Nobody can take away your email database though! You own it and are free to use it to promote as you wish.


Personalise and Customise

The spirit of Etsy is finding the perfect gift or one of a kind items. Adding a personalised touch can increase your chances of converting that sale. This can be anything from a choice of colours, adding a name or monogram or personalising the fonts. If there is an item in your store that you could easily personalise then go ahead and add this to the listing.

Here is an example of a store that has got personalisation down to a tee. GoldPersonalized must really be doing something right as their stats show they have over TEN THOUSAND sales and only opened in 2016. That’s an average of over 5000 sales per year!

As well as adding the customisation option in the drop-down menus, they have added a photo showing the necklace lengths, really allowing the customer to visualise the different lengths.


Investigate Etsy SEO Methods

Make sure your titles and descriptions are SEO optimised. Think of how a buyer would search for your item and make the language natural. SEO is a long term method of how to get more sales on Etsy – it isn’t quick and it isn’t easy!

Etsy SEO is not dissimilar to Google and works on keywords. A really simple way to find keywords is to use Etsy’s own search function. Start typing your item in the search bar. Etsy will autocomplete based on relevant popular searches. Add these longer search terms into your titles, tags, and descriptions.

Tip: When searching for keywords, think of the search terms people would type in. Would they really search for “Red Anatolian Cotton bohemian handmade” or would they search for “red handmade scarf”?

Also, take a look at your competitors. Can you pick what keywords they are using to rank in search? What phrases and words are repeated in titles, and descriptions?

Great Customer Service

It goes without saying that fast, efficient customer service is a must.

Respond quickly to all queries about your products. You don’t need to be online 24/7 but if customers are ready to buy and have questions, they are more likely to buy from the person who answers them first.

If you are going to be away for a period of time, you can set your store into Holiday Mode. This means you can set up an autoresponder in your messaging system that acknowledges you have received their message and will respond to them as soon as you return. Leaving a customer query hanging while you are away for a week or more will likely result in the potential customer going elsewhere.

Make Customer Navigation Easy

Make your store easy to navigate. People are impatient and if they cannot find what they want easily then they will go somewhere else they can. Once your store is up and running then you can order the way your listings appear using the rearrange tool.

Rather than using the default newest listing first, arrange your items by type or colour or use.

To enable the Rearrange Your Shop feature, go to settings then options. Click the radio button to enable and save your choice.

Now, move your listing into the order you want them.

  • Click your shop icon
  • Now, click Rearrange Your Shop and it will change the shop into rearranging mode
  • Click the listing, holding your mouse button down, and drag it to where you would like it to go
  • Remember that you can also move the listings to a different page
  • Repeat the process until all items are in the order you would like
  • Click save and your shop will update and return to normal mode

Have Amazing Packaging

If a customer is genuinely wowed when they receive your item they are more likely to turn into a repeat customer. Make sure your packaging looks professional and is appropriate for the item you are sending.

Don’t scrimp on the bubble wrap if it is a breakable item!
This is the brand I recommend. Having watched the trends, if you get it for under £12 then you are getting it for a great price!


Pay attention when packing your products. Forgetting something is very unprofessional and will only make the customer annoyed!

Add in a little, personalised thank you note or a little freebie. A personal touch from the seller always makes the customer feel good. Another tried and tested idea to ensure repeat customers is to include a discount voucher. Giving more than they expected is a great way to delight customers!

Don’t forget to add instructions too, if they are needed for your product. In your listing make sure to mention that you include them so customers will know to look out for them. Having clear instructions will prevent returns from frustrated customers that cannot get the product to work as it should.

This packaging from JoannasScentedSoaps is so simple, yet elegant. See the pendant nestled in the ribbon in the third photo?

Get Your Pricing Right

Do research on your product and see what the competition is charging. Is your price competitive?

You cannot expect to have someone pay double for your item unless it is bundled with something else, but equally, lower prices do not guarantee a sale either. Your price should be comparable to similar items in your niche.

If you cannot lower your price without affecting your profit margins, then see if there is a way to create the product for less.

A quick method of pricing your items is Materials + Labor + Expenses + Profit = Wholesale x 2 = Retail

Materials – Don’t forget to add smaller bits like thread, special needles you needed for the project, and packaging

Labour – Calculate the time it took and your hourly rate of pay. You want the hourly rate to be certainly no less than minimum wage. In fact, you can command higher than minimum wage due to your skills – don’t sell yourself short!

Expenses – In here Etsy recommends you make a list of all the expenses you have in your business (PayPal fees, listing fees, rent, utilities, office supplies, website costs) per month. Then divide this number by the number of sales you hope to make in a month.

Profit – This is the amount you would ideally like to make per item when all expenses are taken out of the sale price.

Why double it? If a retailer approached you to make your item in bulk they would want to know the wholesale price – they wouldn’t want to buy it at the retail price as it eats into their profit margins. Doubling the wholesale price gives you room to manoeuvre if you are faced with this situation.


Create Killer Images

Images are your way of making a great first impression. They are the first thing your potential customer sees and what draws them to click through to your store. The best way to think of your images is this: If your item was picked to be featured in a magazine, would you be happy for them to use the photos in your store? If not, you need to update your images to reflect the items in the best way possible.

Use a lightbox – such as the one below – to show your product at its best, with no background clutter.

Etsy allows you to have ten pictures per listing so make sure you use as many as possible. Etsy, like Pinterest, is very image-driven so if you have less than ten, leave off the ones that don’t make the grade rather than uploading them just to fill the slots. Use similar backgrounds and lighting to keep product images consistent. Backdrops can also be used inside the lightboxes if you don’t want the plain white or black.

It should be easy to tell what your product is from the main listing photo. Other images should focus on details or perhaps show the item in use. People like to imagine the product in their own lives so sell the products with images they can easily imagine themselves in.

Write Outstanding Descriptions and Titles

Your title needs to make sense to the customer. Whilst you need your main keyword in there, don’t “keyword stuff”. Tell the customer what they will see when they click through to your item.

Start your description with the benefits your customer will get from your item.You need to tell them why they should buy from you rather than anyone else. Catch their attention and show your unique take on your creation.

You will also need to include

  • What it is made of
  • The available customizations such as colours or sizes
  • If it is a multi-item, how many are included
  • The type of packaging it will come in
  • Whether instructions are included

An important part of your sales copy will also be to show the customer how they can use your item. Just like with your photos, let them visualize how the item will fit into their lives or the lives of the person they are gifting it to.

Consider linking to your shipping policy, especially if it is a made to order item. Let them know how long it will take to make and when they can expect it to be posted.

If there are slight variations of the product available in your store that don’t fit within the listings customizations, then it can be a good idea to link to those listings within the description too. Keep the customer in your store, even if the listing they are currently looking at is “not quite right”.

Try to answer any questions that customers may have about the items. If you find you are being asked the same question a number of times, go back and edit the description to include that information.

Create Shipping and Postage Profiles

Having clear shipping and postage costs makes it easy for the customer. Many customers will assume that you are in the same country as them and can be shocked by the postage and shipping costs. Making it clear upfront builds trust that you are not hiding anything or trying to make a profit from postage as is common on eBay.

Offering international shipping can open up a wider audience, but make sure to state that international buyers will be liable for any customs or import duties.

When calculating your postage costs, make sure you are using accurate weights as incorrect weights can cost you at the post office, especially internationally. Consider investing in a scale to weigh each of your items.


If you want to add faster shipping or multi-item shipping for international orders, consider adding an upgrade listing for the customer to add to their basket. Here is a great example from Storiarts:

Don’t Forget The Little Things!

With all the work you have put into your listing and images, don’t forget the little things! Read through your listing and look out for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure all of your links work too. These may seem insignificant, but attention to detail can really improve your professional image.


By applying all the tips above you will hopefully start to make more sales on Etsy. What are your top tips to get more sales on Etsy? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


Belinda xxx

P.S If you would like to join an Etsy Group Board on Pinterest to promote your items, please follow me on Pinterest and message me your request.
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Are your Etsy sales down? Need more traffic to your Etsy store? Find out how to optimise your Etsy store and make more sales on Etsy!

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