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I know I go on about your ideal customer, but how many of you have sat down and worked out who that is?
You may even have more than one!

If you arent 100% clear on who your ideal customers are, the people who would buy your product then go and grab a coffee and a piece of paper so we can work it out together!

Picture your customer

Ok, picture yourself making a sale. What does that person look like? Are they male or female? (or both) Write this down with a circle around it. Using lines like on a mind map around these circles, I want you to add some detail.

What age are they? What income level do they have? Do they need to be local? Do they have to have certain interests? Where would they ‘hang out’ online – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Do they have kids? Do they have cars? Basically, flesh out the profile of this person as much as you can. Then do it again if you have two or more ideal customers.

For example, I might sell my beer products to men, aged 30 and over, who live locally (as postage cost is too high). They need to be interested in craft beer. Generally, they hang out on twitter.

But my other product line of rose wine I sell to females, aged 35 and over. Postage isn’t as much of an issue so they don’t have to be local. They would generally have kids and hang out on Facebook.

So to advertise my beer to my ideal customer I need to be on twitter. To advertise my rose I need to be on Facebook. Should I bother putting marketing effort and money into LinkedIn? Probably not!

(please note I sell neither beer nor rose wine. Sorry folks!)

Check your insights

So now you have identified your ideal customer, pop into your insights and have a look at what they are showing you. Do your insights match your ideal client? Do you need to change how you market to reach the right audience?

How can you use your ideal customer profile?

  • Target your posts and your ads and your pre-set audience on your page.
  • Use it when you are thinking about designs and ad copy.
  • When you do any and all marketing!

I hope you find this useful, I would love you to tell us who your ideal clients are below.

As always, any questions, please just ask!

Love, Belinda xx

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