How to Turn Commenters into Subscribers

When someone comments on your site, you can be sure that the content is engaging them. Writing engaging content is key to growing your business, keeping potential customers coming back for more, and positioning yourself as a knowledgeable source in your niche.

But how do you turn those blog commenters into subscribers, helping you continue the conversation?

Enter the ‘blog comment redirect’!

An easy way to ask your commenters to subscribe right when they are engaging with your content is to employ a blog comment redirect. Asking people to sign up to your list when they have already engaged with you increases your sign up rate compared to a simple sign up form at the end of a post.

So how do we do that?

The very first step setting up a blog comment redirect is to create a page that commenters should be redirected to. The landing page can be as simple ‘thank you for commenting’ or you can spice it up with your latest blog posts and social media links they might be interested in. If your goal is to grow your list then a short paragraph and a signup form from your email service provider will do the trick.

If you are promoting a special offer, course or lead magnet, you could also use this function to redirect commenters to a special landing page. Changing over the target page is easy, as you will see in the step below.

When creating your page, remember that this comment redirect will only work for first-time commenters, so you have to make it engaging enough to convert them on that first visit.  Test out your landing page to see what works and attracts your ideal customer.

Comment Hacks

The second step is to download Yoast Comment Hacks. Once installed and activated, navigate to the comment redirect tab by going to the settings menu, then selecting Comment Hacks. Use the drop-down box to select the page you created for the redirect.

Yoast comment hacks

Click save changes and log out of your site to test the redirection. Make a comment on one of your posts and you should be taken to your selected page. Remember to go back and delete the test comment in your admin panel afterwards!

You can swap and change the targetted page as often as you like. Just go back to the comment redirect tab and selecting a new page, depending on your goal.

Another benefit of this tiny trick is that is can help you decrease your bounce rate as the commenter is viewing more than one page on your site.

If you want to see what my comment redirect looks like, then go ahead and comment below 😜

I would love to know if you have set this up on your site, and how it has increased your email list growth!

Belinda xxx


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