How to get extra traffic from video posts on Facebook
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How to get extra traffic from video posts on Facebook

Facebook LOVES videos. Fact. But how do you translate that to traffic to your website? Here is a handy trick to get extra traffic from video posts on Facebook.

First, create a unique video for your brand

“Ugh.” That’s what immediately went through your head right?

Well actually, creating videos for your products is not as hard as you think! All you need are a few photos of your creations.

If you have photos of your products then you can easily pop them into powerpoint and save the slideshow as an MP4. Then put it into a free video editor like this one (which is what I used to use).

For people who are food bloggers, this tactic is great for recipes. Show a number of different dishes in each video. Do a series of dinner dishes, breakfast hacks, or simple-to-create lunches. You aren’t selling anything or pushing people to your blog, you are simply showing them off.

For people with products, try a variety. Show them in their best light or show them in use. Remember -You don’t need any text pushing your creations, simple photos work best with a catchy background tune.

Second, post your video DIRECT to Facebook

Don’t use scheduling software, post it directly to Facebook if you want to maximise exposure. Additionally, posting directly to Facebook lets you have options such as crossposting with other pages.

Don’t put a link to your site on the post itself (see the next step.) Facebook doesn’t like sending people off the platform, so posting a link to YouTube or Vimeo won’t get you the Facebook juice you need.

Third, reply to each comment with a link

If someone says “wow, that chocolate cake looks lush”, then link the recipe – they are sure to check it out. They fancy those cupcakes for their next party? Link the recipe. Would that sign look great on their door or that ornament on their shelf? And isn’t that just the perfect gift for their child or neighbour? Link the product page!

See where this is going? A simple video that can appeal to *many* customers at the same time. Rather than a short video of one product, make a video with MANY products. And since you aren’t selling, people are more likely to watch the whole video. Think of the ‘hacks’ videos pages like Buzzfeed put up. Also, a sales video won’t go viral. Non-sales videos showing delicious photos might. 😉

Fourth, embed the Facebook post on your blog

What? Isn’t that just going in circles?

Well, yes.

But that’s the point.

If Facebook sees your URL sending them traffic when people interact with the embedded post on your blog, then they are more likely to trust your URL. Which means that when you do link to your URL in the post itself they won’t suppress it as much as an unknown source.

Secondly, your blog is linked to Pinterest. (and if it isn’t, why not?) Pinterest pins have a MUCH longer life than a simple Facebook post. So as people come to your blog via Pinterest they will see your Facebook post… and interact. And what happens when people interact with your Facebook post? Facebook shows it to more people! Who will then comment… and then you can link the correct recipe, sending even more traffic to your blog.

Circles 😉

Here is an example of a post I created when I was playing around with my new favourite software.

This video was made with Video Spinn. 

Like I said above, I used to use powerpoint and the free video creator software. Now, Video Spinn makes it so much easier!

Say you have 100 photos of your creations or foods. Load Video Spinn and tell it to choose 20 of them from the folder. Link into your music folder. (you can get a load of free music for your videos at Free Music Archive. and remember to use Public Domain music so that no attribution is required) and then, this is the magic…tell Video Spinn how many videos to create!

Wait, what?

Yep, you can tell Video Spinn to create up to 100 unique videos. In a very, very short time. Like, half an afternoon. Rather than the *hours* it would take to create them manually as I described in the first step above.  That is half an afternoons work to create enough videos to post twice a week on your Facebook page for a year! How cool is that? And want more videos? Just start a new project!

Obviously, you don’t have to buy the software. But it does make life easier. 😉

Bonus Tip!

The other awesome use of videos if for engagement posts. Throw in a few photos of animals, for example, speed up the video and you have a screenshot post like this one below. Great for getting people to comment! For some reason, Facebook is being finicky and won’t let me embed the post, so here is the video directly.

These videos won’t directly link to your blog, obviously. But they get more people to interact on your page. Once people interact with your posts, Facebook is more likely to show them your next post… and that next post may be one that does link to your blog 😉

The second bonus tip is to embed question posts from Facebook at the end of your blog post. This is likely to get people who would have commented on your blog commenting system to comment on that post instead as it is right there. Which, as above, increases engagement on your Facebook page. Clever, huh?

So, what do you think? A good idea? Have you tried embedding your Facebook posts in your blog? I would love to hear from you!


Belinda xxx

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