How to embed a Pinterest Pin in your blog post

A lot of people have been asking how to embed Pinterest pins in their blog posts. Not just an image that is pinnable, but one that also leads to Pinterest itself. Embedding a pin is a great idea as you are leading readers to a specific pin – which increases repins – rather than them creating their own.

If like me, you are a visual learner, I have created a short video showing how to embed your pin in your blog post. Otherwise, scroll on down for some step by step instructions – it is easier than you think!

Step 1: Copy your pin URL

If you have published the pin already, head over to Pinterest and grab the URL.
If you are writing a new blog post, preview the post and create the pin. The URL of the pin will not be correct, so remember to go back and change it once you have finished.

Step 2: Pin Widget Builder

Above your pin you will see three small dots. Click on these dots and choose embed. This will take you to the Widget builder.

Pin Widget Builder Screen

Step 3: Get your Widget code

After selecting the size you want your pin to appear, scroll and grab the code at the bottom of the page.
It will look like this.

Embed Code

Copy and paste BOTH lines of this code into your post. Be aware that embedding a pin should be done at the end of editng your post as if you switch between visual and text mode then the code will be lost.

Once you have embedded the pin, it will appear like the one below. (psst! Feel free to repin it to save this tutorial for later 😉 )

Do you embed Pinterest Pins? I would love to see if this increases your engagement too!


Belinda xx

How to embed a pinterest pin in your blog post. Looking for a way to embed a Pinterest pin that leads to your profile within your blog post? Easy to follow video showing you exactly how to embed a Pinterest Pin!

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One thought on “How to embed a Pinterest Pin in your blog post

  1. Hi Belinda,
    Nice to be here today, a well-explained tuto.
    Thanks for this wonderful share.
    This is my first visit here, I am here today via Erik Emmanuelli’s tweet.
    Thanks, Erik and Belinda.
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip

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