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Why Facebook is Vital for Small Businesses

Data released by Facebook and third-party researchers show just how influential Facebook has become in our daily lives. Did you know the average Facebook user refreshes their feed ELEVEN times a day and spends an average of an hour a day on the platform? Facebook, as shown in this graphic from Tech Crunch, has recently passed the 2 billion users mark and they say that 66% of Facebook Monthly users return each day.


So what does this mean for small businesses on Facebook?

  • It means that Facebook gives you the opportunity to know your customers like never before through insights.

They are easy to understand and addictive to look at! You can find out where your fans are from, what content they are interacting with and even their ages. To find insights, head to your page and click Insights on the top menu. You can see exactly what content is resonating with your readers and what they want more of.

  • You can put a real face and personality to your brand.

By interacting in real time and making genuine connections you can strengthen customer relationships and loyalty. It is also less formal than your brand website.You can post behind the scenes content, smaller updates that don’t warrant a blog post and talk directly to people who are already aware of your brand/company/blog.

  • You can put your brand in front of customers every single day.

Posting on Facebook pages is free. By posting regularly you can give your fans updates without having to pay for the more traditional forms of advertising. You can easily target your page posts to your ideal client. It also provedes a place for custmoers to ask questions and provide feedback and reviews.

  • When customers or potential customers interact with your page, it shows up in their friend’s newsfeed, which increases brand awareness and exposure.

What is better for a brand than positive interaction with your content – the new ‘word of mouth’ that is so valuable. If their friends are liking it, they may just check it out!


  • Your page is a perfect tool for you to ask your customers what they want and solve their problems for them – run polls!

It is almost like free market research! I recently asked what my fans would like to read about and have planned a whole series of posts based around their answers – I know that the content I produce will have readers…and I won’t just hear the sound of crickets!

Think of it like building a community on your page. Post useful, relevant and intersting links for them. Ask for their thoughts and interaction. Organise contests and promotions.

  • It lowers your marketing spend due to the amazing targeting options and data it has gathered on every user.

If you run an ad on television or radio, it goes out to everyone. Using your insights from step one means that you can run super targeted ads at people who are likely to be interested in your content.

  • ‘Pages to watch’ lets you keep an eye on the competition and influencers in your business niche.

See what is and what isn’t working for your competitors. Imitate them or do something different! Facebook is in the process of rolling out a feature that will let you see all the ads a page is running, whether or not you are part of their intended audience. This is part of their transparency policy but could be a valuable tool for marketers spying on their competition too.

  • Networking is vital and can help your business grow,driving traffic to your website.

Lastly, you can use your Facebook page for networking. When contributing value in groups you are a member of, people can click your profile and be directed to your business page to find more information.  Join groups with people in your niche or who are your ideal client. Participate in chore threads and track their value.

Post your latest blog pot and ask for feedback. Encourage discussion around the post. The more engaged your fans are onyour page, the more your page is going to be seen.

What do you use Facebook for in your business?


Belinda xx

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17 thoughts on “Why Facebook is Vital for Small Businesses

  1. Facebook is a really helpful platform for promoting business. Many people around the world are using these even companies, that’s why it’s one of the best social media platforms.

  2. Facebook is my go-to for news or interacting with people and brands. Seeing the stats recommits me to using it as a tool for my business.

  3. Another reason why Facebook is vital (in my experience) is that a lot of customers use it now as a default place to get customer support. It’s a lot easier than having to scan through the website, and a lot of times, companies are more responsive through Facebook.

  4. Facebook is a great way for small business to grow there customer base. All most everyone uses facebook now and it really is a great way for business to share their information every day with people. It is almost or is just as good as word of mouth in today’s world. Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Facebook is one of the great platform for business. It has a lot of thing to offer. It has a low cost marketing strategy. It is easy to manage and aside from that everyone using it.

  6. Great thoughts, I had never thought of these. This is probably why so my bloggers create facebook pages as well. Facebook is addictive and since people continuously are scrolling through their feeds, it is a great idea to have your brand popping up all over.

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