1. Facebook is one of the best way to get traffic. I will share this tips to some of my friends

  2. Facebook is a really helpful platform for promoting business. Many people around the world are using these even companies, that’s why it’s one of the best social media platforms.

  3. Using Facebook is a great way to get traffic for my blog. Its one of favorite places to network.

  4. Facebook is my go-to for news or interacting with people and brands. Seeing the stats recommits me to using it as a tool for my business.

  5. Another reason why Facebook is vital (in my experience) is that a lot of customers use it now as a default place to get customer support. It’s a lot easier than having to scan through the website, and a lot of times, companies are more responsive through Facebook.

  6. Facebook is a great way for small business to grow there customer base. All most everyone uses facebook now and it really is a great way for business to share their information every day with people. It is almost or is just as good as word of mouth in today’s world. Thanks for sharing the information.

  7. A lot of my traffic comes from Facebook, it’s a huge platform that you can easily use to promote your business! I think people should definitely take advantage of it.

  8. Facebook is one of the great platform for business. It has a lot of thing to offer. It has a low cost marketing strategy. It is easy to manage and aside from that everyone using it.

    1. Author

      Yep, we should all take advantage of the free traffic sources!

  9. Great thoughts, I had never thought of these. This is probably why so my bloggers create facebook pages as well. Facebook is addictive and since people continuously are scrolling through their feeds, it is a great idea to have your brand popping up all over.

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