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There is so much to say about reach on Facebook that I will never fit it into one post, so today I just want to have a chat about Facebook ORGANIC  reach.
First, some stats (don’t groan!)

  • There are more than 40 MILLION active business pages on Facebook that compete for space on the newsfeed.
  • Over 3 MILLION links are posted per hour.
  • Facebook uses over 100,000 variables in the algorithm that decides what to show on a person’s news feed.

All of that means it is bad news for your organic reach (but good news for Facebook as they can then get you to pay them to show your posts!)
Facebook is a social network – It wants to show people what they want to see. Although the famed EdgeRank is no longer, it did get rolled into the new algorithm. So we know that AFFINITY (your relationship with the person, how much they interact with your page), WEIGHT ( the post type, with priority going to videos and photos) and AGE (otherwise known as decay, how recent the post is) still play a part. Note that negative feedback will also decrease reach.

Here are some quick FREE ways you can hopefully increase your Facebook organic reach.


Schedule using Facebook scheduler only. There are rumours that Facebook penalizes you for posting through a scheduling tool other than their native one. This may or may not be true but by getting into the habit of using it you are future proofing yourself if it either is true now or becomes true in the future! Posting regularly will also let customers know that you are present and consistent.


Post at strange times. By that, I don’t mean 3.11 am (or do, if that works for your target audience, right?) but I mean post at times that are not exact, such as quarter past or quarter to the hour. By publishing them a little off beat then you are likely to have less competition in the news feed.

Experiment with the times, too. Your insights might show that a load of your fans are online at 8 pm – but most people will, so the competition for news feed space will be quite high. Post when there is less of your fans online and therefore less competition. Does this make a difference to your Facebook organic reach? Maybe set up a table with your post times and the reach they get, is there any correlation there? (If that sounds like too much work then give me a call, I love playing with data!)


Don’t sell! Of course, sell, but don’t word it as a sell! Facebook doesn’t like you selling things unless you have paid for an ad, so avoid lines such as “visit our website” or “click here”. Instead, say something like “look at this amazing make” and use a Canva photo with your website address on it, or your Etsy store address. Maybe link the sales page in the comments too (Did I mention Facebook doesn’t really like links and prefers videos and photos?)

And on the photo thing, post photos that tell the story without words if you want more shares. Infographics have great share rates. Use Facebook native video feature. Did you know Facebook has a higher minute count of videos watched per day than YouTube? Mind Blown! *I heard this on a podcast recently. If I can find it again I will share it with you!


Engage your audience with questions and competitions. Get to know them and what makes them tick. People take the time to comment on your posts, so make sure you take the time to acknowledge that!


Right, that is enough waffling from me! Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas to increase your organic reach and remember to come back and tell me if any of these tips helped you!

Love, Belinda xxx

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