Your Guide to Creating Facebook Ads
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Your Guide to Creating Facebook Ads

You guys asked for it, so here it is! My guide to building a Facebook Ad!

THIS IS LONG, so grab a cuppa first!

Got one? Good. Let’s crack on!

To get started, log into Facebook and click on Create an Ad in the drop-down menu next to the Home button. This will take you to the ads manager system. (Don’t worry, if you want to get back to Facebook, just click on the grey Facebook icon in the top left-hand corner)

Campaign Objective

The first screen you see will be your campaign objective. For example. Traffic would be for getting people to your website or Facebook page. Conversions would be for actions, such as a purchase, on your website. Reach would purely put you out there further. Name your campaign with something that makes sense to you – I usually name it after those who I am targeting.
So, let’s walk through an example with Traffic. After choosing your objective you are taken to the Ad Sets area. Choose where you want the traffic to go, for example, your website. (you input the actual URL at a later stage)

Define your audience.

So here you might put everyone in the United Kingdom, aged 18-65, but only women. It is essentially the same targeting options as if you were targeting a post. As you play around with the targets, keep an eye on the Audience Size speedometer on the right-hand side. The size of the audience you want depends on your aim for the campaign. It also depends whether you are sending it out to ‘cold’ traffic (people who have never heard of you before) or ‘warm’ traffic (those who have but haven’t bought) or ‘hot’ traffic (those who have bought before). Generally, the colder the traffic, the wider the audience. You can save your audience for use later too.


Next, you want to look at your placements. You can use automatic, but I always play around with the settings here to see what it does to my audience size and generally uncheck side columns and instant articles too, especially for cold traffic. Note that Instagram placements will generally be more expensive.


Start small, say £5. It can always be added to later. Keep the bid amount automatic as Facebook will optimize the ad as it runs. There are certain minimum amounts you will need depending on how long you want to run the ad for. Remember also, that if it is not performing, you can tun the Facebook ad off in your ad manager, so you need not spend the whole budget either.


Set your start and end date for your ad. I like to set it for at least two days to let Facebook decide who to send the ad to.
Lastly, name your ad set.

Now let’s have some fun!

Once all this is done, this is where the fun starts! Choose your ad type. I use a single image so that I can test whether my own image or a stock photo will convert my audience best. Be careful with your images. Facebook does not like ads with more than 20% text in them, and they are cracking down hard on this. The ad will most definitely either not be approved or will underperform. Facebook is also partnered with Shutterstock so you have free access to their images when you run ads.
Choose your page name, add your ad text and headline (about 5 words works best for your headline). Don’t forget your news feed link description! This is the bit that goes under the headline on the link. The ad text is the text above the ad and can be as long as you like.

This is also where we add in the URL that we want to send the traffic to.
Choose your call to action, the see more URL and the display link (what shows at the bottom of the ad).
Then, place your order! It takes a while for Facebook to approve your ads, so do them in advance of your promotion and set the start date to the date the promotion starts.


Congratulations! You have just made your first Facebook Ad!

As always, any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Love, Belinda xxx

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