Feel like you are not getting enough traffic to your store?

Frustrated trying to constantly get views?

Spend too much time on social media promoting and not enough making the items you love?

Thought about trying out Pinterest but not sure exactly what you are doing or how to go about it?

Well, I am here to help!

Sounds great! Let’s get going!

Why Pinterest?

Firstly, Pinterest is NOT social media. It is a visual search engine. That means that like Google, Pinterest is intended to connect people with what they are searching for online. Unlike Google, however, you also have the added (free!) advantage of the potential customer seeing your beautiful item – which will draw them straight to your store.

Facebook has approximately 2 Billion users but it has announced that it was changing the news feed to prioritize family and friends. This is great as an individual but terrible for your business page.Pinterest has 175 million users1 and no restrictions on reaching them if you are savvy with your descriptions and hashtags!

Pins last far longer than content on any other social media platform.

In fact, the half-life of a pin is said to be three and a half months. That means, in three and a half months it has only achieved 50% of its potential traffic!2  And all it takes is one person to find and pick up your pin to give it a new lease of life.

Here are some other facts that might convince you that Pinterest is a great place for your store to be:

    • Half of Pinterest users are earning $50K or greater per year, with 10 percent of Pinteresting households making greater than $125K.2
    • 93% of pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchasing and 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
    • The average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is $58.95, compared to $55 for Facebook, according to Shopify research.

Now imagine… free traffic coming to your store, day after day, with no promotion effort on your part. Traffic on auto-pilot! They have money and have been attracted enough by your product to click on through – that has got to be great for sales, right?

Free traffic would be awesome! Show me how!

Ive seen a crazy amount of traffic! I have to say that both traffic and orders have been through the roof! It's been amazing, thank you so much! 😁😁 I haven't been able to get stock quick enough before it flies back out!D.G, Etsy Seller
Belinda has been supporting me as a VA for 2 months now. Her range of work is varied which has been great for clearing my to do list! Including Etsy listings, post scheduling, social media management & networking. The communication is excellent as is the advice she offers. Highly recommendedK. Miller, Knitty Cats
Kelly, KellsKraftsGB
"I cannot recommend this page highly enough. Your Virtual Assistant has so many great tips on the page itself. Belinda is very approachable, helpful, polite and aims to help in any way possible. Definitely contact this page and I can guarantee you'll get a 5 star service and answers to any queries promptly and with trust and fairness."Sharon D.,
Belinda is amazing! I don't know how I would have kept my page relevant these last few months without her. She has created and posted some fantastic images for me. I can't recommend her enough.Kelly, KellsKraftsGB
"I've had the pleasure of working with Belinda twice now, for two different business needs, and both times she has proved to be top class and an absolute asset to my growing business."The first task was to design an excel spreadsheet for my cake making business, The model she designed and set up was user-friendly and intuitive to use, covering all aspects of my business. In fact, it was so good I used it again for another business! Not only was it well designed, but the support and teaching Belinda provided was fantastic!"More recently I have used her expertise to design my website. She proved she was worth her weight in gold again here too as the site was up and running in a timely manner with great regular updates of progress and prompt responses to any emails I sent."I would highly recommend her for any business needs as both her knowledge and manner are first class! I'll definitely be using her again!"Sasha, The Brownie Barn


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