How to have your brand stand out on Pinterest

You cannot create a fancy cover photo on Pinterest like you can on other social media platforms. However, you can put up cover photos for your boards to create a sleek and consistent look.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2017: The Pinterest layout has changed and now it is best to use the Instagram Post image size for your board cover.

UPDATE JULY 2018: I now use covers with no text due to the ever-changing sizes and arrangements Pinterest keep throwing at us!

Let me show you what I mean….Here are my boards before I put covers on them.

Looks like a standard Pinterest account, yes? But there is no branding, no consistency and all looks a bit messy.


Now, look at it after I put the board covers on. So pretty! (plus you can clearly identify group boards!)


how to create pinterest board covers

Right, so how do I do that then?

It is actually easier than you think!

Head over to your favourite image creator – I like Canva as they have all the sizes premade – and make a pin image that you would like to be the cover image. A note about the text: Pinterest will default to the middle of the pin, and although it looks like you can change where it sits, you cant. If you want text, put it in the middle of the pin. If you want no text, you can put it on the top of the pin so it can still be seen on boards and people will know what it relates to.

Go back to your boards and create new pin by uploading the image from your PC. Upload the image then, where it says destination URL, put in the URL of the board. This will mean that the image will always link back directly to the board in a bit of a loop. When people see it in their feeds it will take them to your board. Pin the image to the board.

Now, at the top of the board you are creating the cover for, choose the little pencil edit symbol. You should get the option to change the cover image. Select your new pin.

Go to your board’s view and refresh. Ta-dah! A new sleek looking board cover!

Cohesive Branding

You can have a theme running through the covers – maybe your brand colours. Or a consistent image, or even themed images. Use whatever represents the feel and style of your business.

I would love to see your boards after you update them with covers, so feel free to link your board below and I will follow you! If you would like to follow me, then head over here.


Love Belinda xx

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How to brand your Pinterest Board using Board covers

How to create pinterest board covers
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41 thoughts on “How to Create Pinterest Board Covers

  1. I’d like to spend some time on the holiday break to spruce up my Pinterest account. I haven’t done much with it in way too long.

  2. This is a great idea. Your board covers look so adorable and interesting. It really helps me with my social media platforms. Will check this out.

  3. Canva sounds like a great place for an image creator. I really do believe that Pinterest board covers are important. It makes it a lot easier for users when they can see your brand. Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. I have just started with Pintrest this year and started my board covers, however i have been meaning to update and add a few boards. thanks for the added motivation to do so.

  5. These are really great tips especially for people who are putting their business on pinterest! I think it’s really important that your boards are organized and in line with your products.

  6. This is a great idea! We were feeling like our Pinterest has become a bit messy, but this would make it more organized and easy to look through. Thanks for the tips!

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