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The Alternative Facebook News Feed

So, Facebook has released an alternative newsfeed! Have you seen it?

This is major news for any small biz. Previously the only people who would see your content were those who are already fans and friends of this fans when they interacted with your content.

Now, Facebook is showing people new content based on pages they have already liked or interacted with. So if they like a page similar to yours then you might show up in their feed.

How do you get into this new alternative feed?

Quality content with loads of interactions. It is apparently based on value – remember Facebook also own Instagram and that is how the top nine grid is judged – so the more people interact with your brand then the more chance you have if showing up in somebody’s alternative newsfeed.

Rumours about splitting the feeds content

There were rumours that Facebook was splitting the news feed – like snapchat – with one feed being solely friends and family and another for pages. It would mean that businesses would probably have to pay higher prices to appear in the first feed and organic reach would almost certainly go down again, at least until users got used to navigating between the two feeds.

“With all of the possible stories in each person’s feed, we always work to connect people with the posts they find most meaningful. People have told us they want an easier way to see posts from friends and family, so we are testing two separate feeds, one as a dedicated space with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated space for posts from Pages,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement to Mashable.

This was confirmed in a recent blog post by Facebook but luckily for businesses they have no plans to roll it out any further. See the blog post here.


So what do you think? Good idea to have a place where users can discover new content, or bad news for businesses and organic reach? I would love to know your thoughts below!
Belinda xx

10 thoughts on “The Alternative Facebook News Feed

  1. With social media being such large sources of traffic, it’s important to stay on top of the changes to things like Facebook. Thanks for sharing the news feed news.

  2. I heard of this last week. Well, this is good for user experience. But for business, this is not. I believe no one purposely go into the page news feed and read all the page post.

  3. This is a news. I know Instagram has an algorithm and they keep altering it based on the user experience and now they are doing the same with Facebook. Thank you for the heads up.

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