8 Tips for Facebook Page Success
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8 Tips for Facebook Page Success

Maintaining a Facebook Page that keeps your fans engaged can be extremely challenging. It takes research, creativity, regular monitoring, time and dedication to come up with fresh content.

In addition, best practices in social media engagement are often in flux as new technology and trends are introduced. Not to mention the ever-changing algorithms!<eye roll>

If you’re concerned about dwindling engagement or feeling stuck on what to post next, take a look at these tips for Facebook Page success to gain some insight and inspiration.

Hopefully, by the end of this blog post you will stop feeling that “Ugh! Why is nothing working?” sense of dread!

1. Post When Your Audience Is Active

You know that the number of people who see your posts is a key factor in the level of engagement on your Facebook Page, but everyone has a different pattern for the time they spend online. Therefore, it makes sense to stay on top of your analytics in order to time your posts strategically. Fortunately, Facebook makes it fairly easy to do that with their useful tool, Facebook Insights. Here you can view your dashboard to analyze various types of data such as the times your fans are most active in general or even compare blocks of time. This insight will allow you to tailor your posting schedule in a more effective manner. This process may take some tweaking, but it’s worth the effort.

To access your insights:

  1. Go to your page
  2. Insights > Posts
  3. When your Fans are online

There will generally be a spike around 8 or 9 pm. (insights are listed in your local time zone). Keep in mind that most people looking at their insights will see this spike and schedule their content for that time.

But what if all of the small businesses in your time zone posted at that same time?

The competition for the newsfeed would be huge and your posts would be lost at sea!

So I recommend that when scheduling, do not post on the hour or increments of the hour (half past, quarter past, quarter to) and instead post at slightly offbeat times such as 8.11pm.


Pay attention to when your fans are online but keep in mind newsfeed competition and post slightly off beat

2. Ask for Feedback

People usually love to give their opinion. So give them the opportunity to do just that by asking for specific feedback regarding your business or brand. You can create an eye-catching graphic with your inquiry or simply ask a question in a status update. This approach will encourage interaction, and it can serve another practical purpose of helping you to improve your offerings.

For example, if you run a t-shirt business, you can create a four square poll that asks your readers what style of t-shirt they like best. Once you have some answers this can help the direction of your next product.

create a four square poll to ask your readers opinions to help do market research for your next product



3. Boost High-Performing Content

If you have a blog to supplement your brand, it’s often a good move to publish your best posts on your Facebook Page as a means of driving traffic and inviting audience interaction. With a relatively small monetary investment, you can boost that post so more people will see it. Doing so is often worth it because increased engagement puts your content in front of even more viewers.

And when I say ‘boost’ I don’t mean the boost function! You are far better off to use the proper Facebook Ads function for better targeting options.

4. Make Them Laugh

Some of the most frequently shared memes on Facebook are humorous ones. Everyone could use a little laughter in their day, so consider adding such posts to your agenda. Take great effort to use humour that won’t be perceived as offensive or crude, and be sure it’s relevant to your audience’s interests. Brightening your audience’s day is sure to elicit some positive engagement.


5. Get Emotional

Not only do people love to laugh, they also respond positively to content that appeals to their other emotions. Find ways to tie your brand to human emotion, and you can bet people will respond. Content that tugs at the heartstrings, that is relatable or makes them shake their heads is likely to result in your fans responding to your posts and sharing them with their followers.

Some niches can also have quite controversial topics that can go on and on. Get two people with opposing views and the number of comments on the post can skyrocket! Be careful you don’t get too controversial though as you may drive people away from your brand!

6. Just Ask

Another action that’s sure to get your fans to engage is simply to ask questions. It’s difficult to pass by an enticing question without adding your two cents.

Always ask open-ended questions rather than ones that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This way you can find out what they really think, respond to select answers and increase the chances of continuing the conversation.

Questions can be about anything related to your brand and your audience’s interests. Or even just something to pass the day if you are looking for some quick engagement!

Whilst text-only conversation starters do really well, you could even use the Facebook Page list function to change up the presentation of a basic open-ended question.

To access the list function, simply choose ‘List’ from the expanded drop down menu when creating your post.

how to create lists on a facebook page

7. Give a Call to Action

It’s always recommended that you provide a call to action at the end of your posts. A call to action is simply a request for what you’d like your readers to do. You can request that they like your post, share it, answer your question, share their opinion or opt-in to your email list. Telling your audience what you’d like them to do is an acceptable and successful move.

8. Add Value

Above all else, you must always add value to the lives of your readers. Ask yourself whether your content is valuable to those who read your content prior to posting, and you’ll have a winner almost every time. It’s important to constantly be thinking of your customers, clients or fans in every marketing action you take.

create content that is super valuable to your readers

There are certainly many other suggestions for creating winning content and increasing engagement on your Facebook Page. These eight tips will get you started or help to jumpstart a page that isn’t performing as well as it once did. Happy posting!

All of this sound like far too much work?

Schedule a call and we can talk through creating a content calendar and I can do the hard work for you!

Sounds great – let’s chat!

Belinda xxx

8 tips for facebook page success - grow your facebook page and increase engagement

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