5 Essentials for Effective Social Media Marketing
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5 Essentials for Effective Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing means knowing where your customers are and what to post on each platform. Not only engaging your fans but growing your fan base.

Social Media is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your brand. Offer information, education, inspiration and most importantly, VALUE to your audience. Show your customers that you think of them as people and not just dollar signs.


  1. Learn how the platforms work

There are so many social media marketing tips and courses available online, both free and paid. Take the time to educate yourself on how the platforms you will be using work. Learn the tricks and the time-saving tips. Learn the types of people that will hang out in each space. For example, LinkedIn is more professional whereas Facebook is more casual.

“It’s one thing to use and have a social media account, but actually using social networks to engage and connect with audiences is a whole other playing field. Learning social media marketing will help you understand how it works, how it can grow your following, and most importantly, how to spread your content.”


  1. Listen to your customers

Social media should be seen as an extension of your customer service. You want to amplify your reviews and positive feedback. This shows social proof and makes the customer feel good when you mention them.

Getting some negative feedback? We all feel a bit bad when it happens, but turn it into a positive experience for that person. Engage with the customer and ask how the problem can be fixed – and then fix it! Or at least show your steps to prevent the problem happing again.

“The way companies handle complaints can mean the difference between success and failure in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Businesses that turn complaints into opportunities for building closer relationships with customers are the ones that are most likely to survive and prosper.”

CBS News “How customer complaints can improve business” 


  1. Automate to be present

If you are trying to raise awareness and grow your business you need to be present and show up. Posting once in a while just isn’t an effective strategy. You need to post AT LEAST once per day on every platform. However, once you have multiple channels to update, customers to respond to and orders to process coming up with content and sharing content accounts can take up valuable time!

You can automate your posts if you don’t think you have time to post each day.  Try using buffer or HootSuite, both of which have free options. For Pinterest, you can try BoardBooster or Tailwind. You can use automated productivity tools when completing chore threads too (see my post about tacks.io and retweetchores)

Alternatively, you can get us to do it for you 😉

Yes Please, I just don’t have time!


  1. Engage with your fans

Social media is not just a set it and forget it exercise. You need to respond to comments and try and start a dialogue to promote the relationship, answer any queries and offer solutions. Often this interaction is what can turn a browser into a buyer. Schedule time in your diary to respond to comments and questions on your platforms.

“When you stop seeing social as a way to pitch your customers and start seeing it as a way to connect with them, it can transform your brand. You help customers by answering their questions, entertain and inform them with relevant content and even form bonds over shared interests.”

The Content Factory

  1. Don’t try and be everywhere

If you try and be on every social media platform there is, you are going to struggle to maintain them all to a consistent quality. Research your ideal customer base and figure out where they are, then be there. There is no point wasting time on Twitter if your ideal client is on Facebook. Put your energy into the platforms that are going to get you results.

If you would like to be on more than one, start small. Focus on the platform that is going to give you the best result first. Once you have mastered that one, move onto the next.

Bonus Tip: Measure your progress

It is so important to set goals and to know where you are and where you came from. Once you establish a consistent posting strategy to your platforms, the only way you will know if it is working is to track your progress. Don’t get caught up with the number of likes a post has. Measure the metrics that matter such as applause and amplification rate!


Effective social media marketing is a skill that comes with time and practice. Book a call with us to chat about your strategy and how you can get the best out of your marketing efforts.

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